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Our Tulsa Chiropractors Welcome Everyone to HealthSource of Tulsa!

home_1Dr. Drew Lawrence and his wife, Dr. Scottie Lawrence are Tulsa Chiropractors who welcome everyone to their chiropractic clinic, HealthSource. They have a trusted and caring staff who truly care about helping people finally get relief from pains including but not limited to: neck pains, back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, headaches, knee pain and more. They are able to do this through highly effective yet non-invasive and even drug-free chiropractic care. They have worked on building a strong reputation of treating patients like family and assisting them on their personal pain management journeys to being pain free and healthy since 1998.

Tulsa Chiropractor Offers More than Pain Management

Accomplished and effective chiropractic care is far more than just pain management by our Tulsa chiropractors. Dr. Drew and Dr. Scottie have been in the business of chiropractic care and physical therapy for patients who are recovering from accidents, injuries, and falls for over 14 years. Patients may first come for relief from pain, but we go above and beyond to make sure our patients are healthy through preventative care as well. We help our patients in many different ways to reach their ultimate goals for help to find the treatment that will be ideal for them.

Dr. Drew is a skilled and talented chiropractor that is able to provide varying spinal adjustment practices in combination with other therapies for a plan that will produce healthy results. He also has a passion for getting to know each of his patients so that he can understand their lifestyles and conditions and how this is affecting their health. After his systematic and complete evaluation, he know which spinal adjustment technique he needs to use and what will be the best for each individuals road to recovery.

home_2Dr. Scottie then comes in and adds her knowledge on nutrition to increase the effectiveness of the healing therapy plan. She has used the HCG weight loss program successfully in long-term weight loss goals through guidance, support, and motivation. She knows people need to make a wellness commitment for big lifestyle change but that these will increase appearance, health, and even outlook on life. The HCG weight loss program is built on scientific and medical basis and it has helped many of Dr. Scottie’s patients alleviate illnesses and decrease the risk of preventable diseases.

The chiropractic team at Health Source Tulsa is trained to combine our chiropractic adjustments with a customized combination of exercises that help to strengthen, stabilize, and increase flexibility. We also teach patients exercises that help their individual cases and helps work on muscles that support proper spine structure, shoulder structure, and more that will help them recuperate and avoid more injuries.

Make sure that you give us a call today so you become more knowledgeable on how to feel like a whole new person.